Horizontal Shuttle/Micro-Shuttle


Used whenever the product must be shifted horizontally or in the y-axis

Provides multiple input/output routing paths within the production line

Can be used to merge lines, combine or split dual lane applications, distribute boards to multiple locations, and create a U-shaped line

We Can Accommodate Your Needs

  • We have been designing and building board handling products from the onset of line solutions in industry
  • Our full line and integration expertise helps us to ensure a board handling solution that meets your process requirements
  • We carry a complete line of material handling modules supporting the printed circuit board industry
  • We are committed to the design, layout, manufacture, service and support that accompanies our first-rate solutions

Board Handling Solutions

  • Board Transfer or Manual Assembly
  • Ability to Walk Through a Line
  • Buffering, Loading and Unloading of Boards
  • Board Direction Change, Inverting and Rotating
  • Wave Solder Applications


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