Semi Automatic Screen Printer




  1. Adopt T CS guides and speed is force motor to drive the scraper, ensure the printing precision.
  2. The printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees of fixed upwards, printing halftone and scraper cleaning and replacement.
  3. The blade can be adjusted before and after, to select the suitable printing position.
  4. The combined printing platen has a fixed groove and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, suitable for single, double panel printing.
  5. Using steel net movement, the school edition and printing (PCB) X, Y, Correction fine-tune convenient and quick.
  6. The Mitsubishi PLC + display control touch screen, simple, convenient and suitable for the man-machine dialogue.
  7. Can be set unidirectional and bidirectional, a variety of printing way.
  8. Blade Angle is adjustable, steel blade, rubber scraper are suitable.
  9. The man-machine interface with screen saver function, protect the service life of the man-machine interface.
  10. Adopt unique programming printing scraper, convenient adjustment.
Printing area 32800mm
Frame size 370×1000mm
PCB size 30750mm
Scraper speed 0-100mm/sec
PCB thickness 0.2-2.0mm
Printing position fixed PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning
Bedplate fine-tuning Front/back ±10mmR/L ±10mm
Printing precision ±0.02mm
Machines repeat precision ±0.02mm
Minimum distance 0.35mm
Air compressor 4-6kgf/cm2
Power Single-phase220V,50/60Hz,100W
Size L1100×W900×Hl650mm
Weight About550kg


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